**Update 3/16/21**

We are no longer planning on opening a K-3 primary for Fall 2021. 

Due to the difficulties in obtaining and excessive upgrades necessary for a land use permit we will not be moving forward with K-3. Many of you have shown interest, however, the Fall 2021 start day would be extremely delayed and not guaranteed. 

Good luck to all the families looking for a private program. 


Update 3/1/21

Stepping Stones Primary is still in the works

We are in the process of obtaining a land use permit through the county. We we will update this page as we move forward. We will plan a informational meeting once we have our scoping session with the planner and feel that we will be able to confirm a September start. 

We are currently planning on a full day/5 day a week K-3 program. Interest in 4th and 5th grade will determine if we start with this age group or progress next year as our 3rd graders move up. 

Check back here for updates!