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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


Mini’s (2 year olds)

With these little ones who are a blissful mix of independence and vulnerability, our low ratios of one adult to six children allows our teachers to develop supportive personal relationships with children and their families. Our developmentally appropriate two’s classroom provides opportunities for children to wonder, explore, problem solve, create, learn from mistakes, and succeed. During the Mini’s Daily Routine children will create, build, sing, dance, run, climb, jump, think, rest, build friendships, practice self help skills, and always have a big hug waiting for them. This year in Fall 2020 we will be expanding our Mini’s program into two interdependent classrooms. Children will join the classroom that bests fit their age range and needs. The new class will foster to older 2’s and young 3’s, while the original class will focus on the younger 2’s.


Little Learners (3 year old)

At this age children are beginning to know what they want and are finding out how to get it. In our supportive environment with one adult to eight children our teachers can encourage children to express their wants and needs in appropriate ways. Social interactions are a huge part of their world. Our program encourages working together, kindness towards others, expressing needs and feelings, and respecting the needs and feelings of others. Children spend time during their day in art, science, dramatic play, building, painting, writing, counting, singing, cutting, pasting, story time, and enjoying the outdoors. This year children start exploring developmentally appropriate “academics” through hands on experiential activities.


Preschool ( younger 4's)

Children who turn 4 years old September through December are eligible for our preschool class. This group of children will have a very similar experience with curriculum and program as our Pre-Kindergarteners, 

but in a more intimate environment. This will allow the teacher to work with a smaller group of children to focus on developmentally appropriate learning goals 

while still supporting the younger 4 year old's unique, and still emerging, social emotional skills.

Pre-Kindergarten (4/5 year olds)

These children are excited to learn! They are continuing to foster relationships and eager to find their place in their little community. Our Pre-K teachers support their dependence by maintaining a low ratio of one adult to ten children. Children are learning letters, numbers, concepts, skills, and how to work together as a team. In our Pre-K classroom children move through their daily routine and experiences with a focus on a “theme” that has emerged from their play and interests. We take those interests and develop a supportive environment for learning keeping it in mind. The developmentally appropriate curriculum is planned based on the emerged theme and focuses on language and literacy, art, math and logical reasoning, music and movement, and science. The Pre-K children explore and are engaged throughout their day and their hands on experiences help them to become confident and inquisitive learners.

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